The Bow Wow Club

The Bow Wow Club

Nicola May

Language: English

Pages: 306

ISBN: 0956832334

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub












bring happiness. He could see why Emily had been blinded by Justin, with his city-boy lifestyle and flash car. But he was sure she would eventually demand too much from him and he would sicken of her tantrums. Or maybe he would just give her everything she wanted and cheat on her like he had done with many girlfriends before. Whatever happened, she would get her comeuppance in his novel and that was a definite. The night he had found out about their affair had been atrocious. He wasn’t a

earlier. They hadn’t even waited to unpack or look around. Just ran up to the bedroom of the estuary-fronted cottage and ripped each other’s clothes off. The tension of earlier heightening their lovemaking. ‘I’m hungry too after all that exercise.’ He kissed Ruby on the lips. ‘Check out the blackboard behind you: the grub here is all homemade and very tasty usually.’ ‘So does a ferry run from right outside here then?’ ‘Yes. You can get one across to Agatha Christie’s house or to Dartmouth.’

somebody so close brings up.’ Ruby took a slurp of wine. ‘However, all sorts of waifs and strays turn up, even if they’ve just lost somebody and are feeling lonely.’ ‘Aw, bless you Rubes, that’s so sweet.’ ‘Talking of Simon, you’d love him. He’s a big black man with dyed orange cropped hair. He’s really funny and I can just tell he loves sex.’ ‘Ooh, how divine.’ ‘Only thing is, he’s so camp I don’t know if he’s gay or not; he seems to fancy men and women.’ ‘Even better. That means he does

one Ruby Stevens and it was she whom he had chosen to love. ‘Right, chop chop!’ the leader shouted. ‘Our delicious red-headed volunteer is en route from the East End and is going to be a bit late, so you have to help yourselves to tea, et cetera. She’d break my balls if we didn’t start on time.’ Everyone grabbed a drink and custard creams and settled into the semi-circle. ‘So, today everyone, I want you to welcome Michael. Say hello to Michael.’ ‘Fuck, shit, bollocks,’ Jimmy burst out with,

Justin made a face that Michael understood very well. ‘OK. One more it is. Let me come to the bar and help you.’ With a drink in each hand the boys headed back towards their table. It had now been occupied by a group of lads and the girls were nowhere to be seen. ‘Cheeky bitches, they’ve gone.’ Justin was not amused. Michael put his hand to his now empty left pocket. ‘Thieving bitches more like. So has my phone.’ He put his hand to his head. ‘Can I use yours to call the police?’ ‘You’ll

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