The Clue in the Embers (Hardy Boys, Book 35)

The Clue in the Embers (Hardy Boys, Book 35)

Franklin W. Dixon

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0448089351

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tony Prito enlists the help of his detective friends Frank and Joe Hardy when a sinister stranger demands that Tony sell him the bizarre curio collection he has just inherited. While the boys are discussing this suspicious incident, the stranger, Valez, telephones and threatens Tony. That same afternoon the three boys collect the cases of curios at a freight station only for Joe’s life to be at risk on their way back to Tony’s house. The next day a seaman claims two medallions in the collection that coincidently go missing. Did Valez steal them? And what was their significance. Unraveling the clues in this exciting mystery takes the Hardys and their friends to a desolate region in Guatemala and straight into the hands of a gang of dangerous thugs.
















said, “You just call me at the farm when you want to get on back.” The baskets of food were carried to the reserved fireplace, where the attendant stored them away. For an hour the four couples whirled about on the thrill rides, and laughed their way through the House of Horrors. “And now—the best for last,” Iola announced. “Before we go back to the fireplace, let’s take a ride on the roller coaster.” The young people boarded the bright red cars and strapped themselves in. They reached the

Tony’s costume, including a shoulder-length wig, was wrapped and the group returned to the hotel. Half an hour later the quartet appeared on the plaza. Tony made an odd-looking companion in his Indian clothes and wig. “Now, I’m ready for the quetzal bird!” he said, laughing. A Ladino, standing nearby, stared darkly at Tony and spat on the ground. Then he savagely spoke a Spanish phrase that Frank understood to mean: “A curse on you!” As the boys hurried away, Chet said fearfully, “You might

distant cliff. “Do you think this lake corresponds to the location of the opal on the medallion?” asked Tony. “I doubt that the treasure would be buried underwater,” replied Frank. “Besides, we have to travel a little farther if my memory is correct.” The riders broke into a jog as the wooded countryside became more open. Within a few minutes they arrived at the lake. “Look up there!” Joe cried suddenly. Two figures stood at the top of a sheer wall of rock that dropped seventy or eighty feet

Torres have any idea where it is at all?” “He said that their only lead is a couple of medallions which have disappeared,” Mr. Hardy answered. “Medallions!” Frank exclaimed, and quickly related what had happened in the detective’s absence. Mr. Hardy listened intently and told Frank that he would try at once to contact Torres. “Hang up,” he said, “and I’ll call you back as soon as I’ve talked with him.” Minutes passed. Finally the phone rang. “Bad luck,” the boys’ father reported. “Torres

checked out of his hotel and left no forwarding address.” “Can’t we do something about finding him?” Frank asked. “Maybe he’s going to contact Willie Wortman in New York City.” His father agreed that this was a possibility but said that he had to leave for Washington. He suggested that the boys fly to New York and see Wortman, and also check again with the bank’s records regarding the curios. There might be a tie-in between the two men interested in the medallions. Perhaps they could pick up a

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