Coffin Tree

Coffin Tree

Gwendoline Butler

Language: English

Pages: 250

ISBN: 0373262507

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Commander John Coffin suspects foul play when two officers investigating a money laundering scheme are found dead and launches into his own investigation with the help of his worldly wife. Reprint. AB. "












About yourself?’ Down the road, a car drew into the kerb outside St Luke’s Mansions and stopped. ‘Come on, tell me now, Stella, before we go on.’ Stella had seen the car too. ‘There’s a car just parked,’ she said in a nervous voice. ‘It’s all right. No threat there. It’s Archie Young, he wants to talk to me. That’s why I want to hear from you now, before we go in. If we wait till we get inside then it will be all police talk. I can’t sit through it without knowing about you. You come first; I

powder compact and the corpse had a finger. When he got home, Stella was already there; she gave him a reproachful look. Coffin laughed and hugged her. ‘I wasn’t worried for you. Perhaps a bit for Sir Ferdie.’ ‘He said he was going to get an honorary degree for me,’ said Stella with a satisfied look. ‘It’ll be my first one.’ ‘Don’t touch it,’ said her husband promptly. ‘He’ll want his price, no free lunches, you know.’ ‘So how’s Phoebe?’ ‘Phoebe’s doing very well,’ he answered sturdily. ‘I

officer, but he was a difficult character who might shrug it off. Also, in view of the rumours floating round, who could you trust? She could write a letter to the chief commander, but his secretary would read it first and it might never get through to him. Besides, it was her idea and she felt possessive of it. She debated the problem while she ate her breakfast, she was so deeply thoughtful that she forgot what she was eating and was surprised to find herself munching dry toast with apparent

bagman. You do flash the money around, you know. That car you were sitting in now, your own, I believe, and not the university’s? I’d like to know where the cash comes from and one day I will find out. For a boy from a poorish family you don’t act impoverished. Perhaps I shouldn’t be curious, but I know you have some expensive private hobbies into which I will not go now but which put you under suspicion. I don’t know whether I like you or not, Ferdie. You asked me to call you that, didn’t you?

sound.’ ‘Never thought so for a minute.’ ‘I may go down the drain, Stella. It’s evens.’ ‘You’ve said that before and survived.’ He drew away. ‘Something terrible happened just before I left. I had a bit of news: Teddy Timpson hanged himself.’ She was shocked. ‘Oh, my dear, how, where? At home?’ ‘From a tree.’ He saw her horrified look. ‘No, not the Coffin Tree, although there would have been a touch of the cathartic in that. He knew he was being investigated for taking bribes, and he knew

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