The Family

The Family

Mario Puzo

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0062089153

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Dazzling, passionate, a masterwork that ranks with Puzo’s best.”
—Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wiseguys

“One of his most satisfying works….A thoroughly entertaining posthumous present from one of the masters of popular fiction.”

Mario Puzo’s final masterwork. A sweeping epic saga of corruption, greed, treachery, and sin, The Family is the ultimate crowning achievement of the #1 New York Times bestselling novelist who gave the world The Godfather, arguably the greatest Mafia crime novel ever written.  In The Family, Puzo—whom the Washington Post calls, “A serious American talent”—plunges reader into the colorful tumult of the Italian Renaissance, immersing them in the roiling intrigues and deadly affairs of the remarkable family whose name has always been synonymous with power, corruption, poison, and murder: the infamous Borgias.
















their positions as commanders in Cesare’s armies. For six weeks, peace reigned. When the French army arrived, Cesare sent them back to Louis with his thanks. The conspiracy had ended. In Rome, however, without Cesare’s knowledge, Alexander had also taken it upon himself to help his son. He knew that Franco and Paolo Orsini could not be punished as long as Cardinal Antonio Orsini remained alive—for as the patriarch of the family the cardinal would see to it that there was brutal

haste to dissolve his agreement. He demanded that Cesare surrender all of his castles at once. That accomplished, Pope Julius II placed Cesare Borgia under arrest, and sent him to Ostia accompanied by an elderly cardinal and an armed guard to be certain his orders were carried out. Cesare Borgia turned over the first two fortresses, and wrote to the commanders of others telling them he had been ordered to return them to their former owners. He hoped these messages would be disregarded, at least

the message, Gonsalvo; and then we must act quickly.” “Absolutely,” de Córdoba said. “And without attracting attention before we are ready. There are spies everywhere—even among the workers here in our camp. We must find a meeting place less public. Do you know the old lighthouse on the beach north of here?” “No,” Cesare said, “but I’ll find it.” “Good,” the captain said. “I’ll meet you there at sundown tomorrow. It is then we will plan our strategy.” The following evening, just as the

Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, to lead him not into temptation ever again. “Deliver me from evil,” he whispered earnestly, and when he looked up again his two children were lying on the bed, naked and spent. “Children,” he said, his voice devoid of all strength. “Put on your robes and come to me . . . ” And when they knelt before him, Lucrezia looked up to her father with tears in her eyes. “Thank you, Father. I can’t imagine giving myself to another in the same way without knowing this

title and your land. At this moment, though you are no longer a husband, you are still a duke. And that is no small thing.” Later that day, Cesare sat at his desk in his own chambers and reread the message his sister had sent the day before. His handsome face reflected the sadness he felt, for to be separated from Lucrezia left him with a deep ache and longing. But there was something more he was concerned about. His hand trembled slightly as he read the message again and again. One line

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