The FBI Profiler Series 6-Book Bundle: The Perfect Husband, The Third Victim, The Next Accident, The Killing Hour, Gone, Say Goodbye

The FBI Profiler Series 6-Book Bundle: The Perfect Husband, The Third Victim, The Next Accident, The Killing Hour, Gone, Say Goodbye

Lisa Gardner

Language: English

Pages: 1417

ISBN: 2:00251415

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Throughout this electrifying series from "one of the best thriller writers in the business" (Associated Press), brilliant FBI profiler Pierce Quincy faces off against all manner of serial killers and psychopaths alongside his partner, Rainie Conner, and his daughter, Kimberly Quincy. Now this edge-of-your-seat eBook bundle assembles all six of the superb novels featuring Lisa Gardner's extraordinary protagonist:


A convicted murderer escapes from a maximum security prison--to go after the wife who put him behind bars. A maniac who kills for sport hides in the shadows, even as a boy confesses to his horrific crimes. A predator torments his victims with unspeakably intimate acts of violence. A butcher leaves two bodies each time he strikes, with the first containing clues that lead to the second. A madman pursues money, power, and celebrity by adopting the alias of a notorious killer. A sadist hunts the streets for vulnerable girls--and makes their nightmares come alive. These are just a few of the souls that haunt Lisa Gardner's riveting series. But all these criminals have one thing in common: They are no match for Pierce Quincy.

Praise for Lisa Gardner and her Pierce Quincy novels

"Lisa Gardner always delivers heart-stopping suspense."--Harlan Coben

"An unforgettably evil villain and a throat-gripping climax make The Perfect Husband a real page-turner!"--Tess Gerritsen

"Riveting, hold-your-breath suspense!"--Iris Johansen, on The Third Victim

"A suspense-laden, twist-filled tale that easily equals the best of Sue Grafton and Kathy Reichs."--The Providence Journal, on The Next Accident

"Gardner keeps us guessing. . . . She also keeps us on edge."--Los Angeles Times, on The Killing Hour

"As usual, Gardner delivers the thrills."--The Orlando Sentinel, on Gone

"Just when you thought Lisa Gardner couldn't get any better . . . she does. Say Goodbye is a stunning, chilling, up-all-night thriller that will leave you shaken."--Lee Child
















that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. We cannot, however, say the same for the locals.” “You’re the feds, pull rank!” “Can’t.” “Bullshit!” “Honey, there’s this thing called law. Look it up sometime.” Rainie scowled. “Where is he? Can I talk to him?” “Detectives willing, you can try.” “I want to see him.” “Then follow me.” Glenda headed back toward the hallway. Passing through the doorway, Rainie made the mistake this time of looking at the bed. She could not quite

whole apartment to kill it in. She should take a long nap. Exercise. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Screw her head on straight. Kimberly sipped black coffee, felt the weight of another sleepless night on her shoulders, and wondered how many city blocks she’d have to run to feel human again. The buzzer repeated its whine. She finally got up and pressed the intercom button. “What?” “Kimberly, it’s your dad.” Oh no, she thought instantly. She hit the front-door button and let him in.

his beeper, the sense of foreboding already gathering low in his belly. Ten numbers stared back up at him. Atlanta area code. And the other numbers …  Damn! “I gotta go,” he said, bolting to his feet. “She that good-looking?” Genny drawled. “Honey, I’m not that lucky tonight.” He threw thirty bucks on the table, enough to cover his drinks and hers. “You got a ride?” His voice was curt, the question unconscionably rude, and they both knew it. “No man’s that hard to replace.” “You cut me

They worked, they churned, they dug frantically for details. And Aurora Johnson’s cries for help once again went unanswered. Professionals were supposed to be able to handle that sort of thing. They were supposed to shrug it off, dig deep, as Quincy seemed able to do. You can’t win them all. The subject will screw up sooner or later. Which implied another slaughtered mother, of course, another terrified little girl. Rainie couldn’t find that level of acceptance inside herself. She dreamed of

recognized the signs. Marion felt her brother’s pain and resolutely shut it out. J.T. felt his pain and her pain and resolutely shut them both out. Tess wondered how many times they’d gotten to practice this drill growing up and figured it was more than a few. She had her drills too, the distant place in her mind she hid in so she wouldn’t hear the sound of her father’s hand smacking against her mother’s cheek, or feel her husband’s body laboring above hers. The past crept in on people in the

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