First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

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out behind her as her legs extend, and she goes down on all fours. It is amazing to see. Rachel says. you say. The people Marco have released are panicking, running toward the stairs. Hork-Bajir and Taxxons try to round them up. You slip through them, running hard. Cassie and Jake leap over surprised Taxxons. You remember that Hork-Bajir aren't great on strategy, so you fake left and then go right, sailing over a long pair

can fit in the stairway. Visser Three cries. Oh yes, you can. The stairway narrows. Visser Three hadn't counted on your making it that far. In his huge morph, he can't make it upstairs. You run and you run. You break through the janitor's door and back into school. You keep on running until you're outside, in the safety of the trees. And then you all morph back. You're safe. For now. You look at your friends and see the same exhaustion on their faces. Even Marco can't come

tells you. It may take a year before the rest of them return. By that time, the Yeerks will have taken over the Earth and all its people. "What?" you blurt out. "That's impossible!" the Andalite replies, and you turn stone-cold at the way he says it. There is one thing he can do to help before he dies. The Andalite directs Jake to fetch a small blue box from his ship. Jake looks a little nervous, but he disappears inside, then reappears holding the box.

you say. Cassie sighs. Marco says. Jake says finally. The six of you melt behind a

bull. It runs across the grass toward her. Then you hear the voice that haunts your nightmares. "Marco!" you cry. "It's Visser Three!" Marco starts to run. But you know in a split second that you can't fight this dog. Not as a human, anyway. He is too far away. You have only seconds you have to try a morph. You choose: Hyena. K-9 dog. Giraffe. Chapter 23 It's the fastest you've ever morphed. Maybe panic helps you. Your powerful hind legs develop first. Then, you

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