The Game Trilogy

The Game Trilogy

Anders de la Motte

Language: English

Pages: 713

ISBN: 2:00240842

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Read the Scandinavian thriller trilogy that is taking the world by storm in this three-book digital edition

Are you ready to play?

When Henrik "HP" Pettersson picks up a mobile phone on a Stockholm train one morning, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever.

The phone's invitation to play "The Game" is too tempting to resist and he soon finds himself embarking on a series of dangerous missions. The more daring the task, the greater his thrill and reward.

But fun soon turns to fear as his Police Detective sister is dragged into the action. As their lives spiral out of control, HP faces a challenge he never expected. Can he outwit The Game before it's too late, or in the end, will it be game over?

This ebook contains all three parts of the Game trilogy, Game, Buzz and Bubble.
















she was sure it was her team that would be going. ‘Look,’ she said, then waited until he looked up. ‘I am actually capable of taking care of myself, and besides, I like my job. We’ve already been through this whole idea of me doing something else, like working for your lot, so you know how I feel. How about showing a bit of support instead of this grouchy routine every morning?’ She held his gaze for a couple of seconds until, as usual, he backed down. ‘Sure, sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like

goes! 2 1 He pressed the red button. The box clicked, then there was a faint rumble. The lights in the ceiling flickered. HP held his breath. When she had finished her report she took a stroll round the Crime Unit to see if any of her former colleagues were on duty. Her role in the personal protection unit was only a secondment, so she still had her basic post. But the corridor was empty, which wasn’t so surprising seeing as it was almost seven o’clock in the evening. The few poor bastards

suggest that the flat was empty. Even Stasi spies probably had families waiting for them at home. He crouched down and cautiously opened the letterbox. Dark, much darker than the stairwell, which meant that the windows were covered. The smell hadn’t changed from the previous times he had checked. Sawdust. They must have done some serious work in there … He straightened up, then took a couple of paces and checked down the stairs one more time, just to be sure. Then he felt inside the sleeve of

again acted in an irreproachable manner, but this time she didn’t seem anywhere near as composed. In contrast to their previous conversation, this time she sounded mostly like a robot, as though she were on autopilot. That wasn’t a good sign. If he couldn’t get her to open up and let go of some of her feelings now, things would look very different and his report would be considerably easier to write. He’d seen tougher officers than her snap as a result of unprocessed experiences, and he had no

and they must be planning to use it for something. But I’m going to stop them! They’ve crossed the fucking line this time! They’ve been using us like pawns, the bastards. Now it’s payback time, sis, now it’s fucking payback time!’ He concluded his outburst by shaking her, which made her head nod back and forth. But the fog up there was refusing to let go. ‘Look, this all sounds …’ ‘Crazy, I know!’ he cut her off. ‘It’s totally fucking crazy! But little brother’s on the case, no need to worry.

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