The Ghost of the Chattering Bones (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #102)

The Ghost of the Chattering Bones (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #102)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0807508748

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Alden children knew they would be investigating a mystery at Eton Place, but they had no idea there would be a ghost there, too! An old family friend, Norah Eton, believes there is a valuable piece of jewelry hidden somewhere on her property.














strong case against Annette,” admitted Violet. “But we can’t be sure what she was talking about on the phone.” Henry agreed. “And Norah would never believe she was up to anything—not without hard evidence.” “You’re right, Henry,” Jessie said. “It’s one thing to suspect someone. It’s another thing to have proof.” That evening, Norah, Mrs. McGregor, Pam, and the Aldens went to a baseball game and cheered for the hometown team. Even Pam couldn’t help getting into the spirit of things. The game

her family heirloom—a brooch made from valuable gems.” “No wonder you knew it was an old mystery,” said Jessie, nodding. Bob gave a little half-hearted smile. “I guess I gave myself away, didn’t I?” Then he continued with his story. “I figured it was just the answer I was looking for. I knew, somehow or other, I had to get my hands on that brooch. The only problem was—” He stopped talking. “You couldn’t pull it off alone, right?” Henry said, urging him on. “Right,” said Bob. Jessie guessed

were shining. “Look at the name inside this heart.” Henry scratched behind his neck. “I’m not following you, Violet.” “Remember the first two lines of Meg’s verse?” she said. Everybody recited at the same time, “When last goes first, and first goes last.” Henry suddenly drew in his breath, catching on. “If you switch the letters around, then—” “MEG becomes GEM!!” finished Jessie, her eyes wide. “Oh, my!” said Norah. “Meg’s brooch was made from precious gems.” Henry said, “I think we just

smile. “Everything’s still piping hot.” Then she introduced Mrs. McGregor and the Aldens to Annette Tanning. “Annette’s helping me research the Eton family. She’s from out-of-state, so she’ll be staying here until school starts again in the fall.” “You’re in college, Annette?” Jessie asked, passing the salad along. “Yes, I’m studying history.” Annette placed a napkin over her lap. “When I saw Norah’s ad for a research assistant, I jumped at it.” Norah smiled. “I was lucky to get such a hard

worry, Norah,” Jessie called back to her with a little wave. “We always stick together.” The Aldens set off across the fields, following a row of scraggly pines that grew near a rail fence. They made a detour around a weedy pond and stopped by a lone apple tree on a hill to pick wildflowers. By the time they reached the woods, the afternoon sun was getting hot and their flowers were starting to wilt. “I’m starving,” said Benny, as they followed a winding path covered with pine needles. “Is it

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