The Ghost Ship Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #39)

The Ghost Ship Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #39)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0807528552

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

While vacationing in an old New England town, the Aldens learn of a ship that was lost at sea years ago.




















seemed to want to be alone with his thoughts and the crying sounds of Howling Cliffs. CHAPTER 7 A Stranger Disappears It was lunchtime when the Jonah docked. But the Aldens forgot all about being hungry. They couldn’t wait to show Miss Coffin their discoveries. “I just know she’ll be happy to see us when we show her these things,” Violet said. “Not like yesterday.” Henry ran ahead to call Mrs. Pease so they could eat lunch later and go to the museum instead. “She’s going to leave some

possible for us to save these things. Wouldn’t you like to see what Miss Coffin says? She’ll be so happy.” “Not if she sees me,” Captain Bob said in a low voice the children could hardly hear. The Aldens set out for the museum, pulling the cart slowly down the dock and toward Ragged Cove. “I can’t figure out why Captain Bob won’t come with us,” Jessie said. “It seems silly to be upset about things that happened so long ago.” “Well, he is upset, and so is Miss Coffin,” Henry told Jessie. “When

Pease told the children. “My mind is at ease now that Mr. Pease has retired from his fishing boat. I don’t have to come up here to look out for him on these stormy days. He’s a lot safer helping me run the Black Dog Inn than piloting the Sea Dog.” Benny finished drying his hair with his towel, and put on his sailor cap. “We have a dog Watch, but he had to stay home. He’s not a sea dog, though—he’s a plain old house dog. But before we came to live with Grandfather, he was a watchdog in our boxcar

now. Something about whale watching seemed to upset the old woman. “We . . . we don’t know,” Jessie said before Benny said anything else. “We’re hoping Captain Bob will take us out on the Jonah in the next few days. We are interested in whales and how they live and how to save them.” “Humph,” Miss Coffin said. “Well, you don’t need to go on that man’s boat to find out about whales. Everything you could ever want to know about them is in this library.” She stopped. “And it’s a much safer way to

called out. “Come back!” Benny whirled around and skipped back to the boat. “What?” “Listen,” the captain said. “Give me a couple days, then I promise I’ll take you out to see some whales. How’s that?” Benny wanted to smile, but there was nothing to smile about. “I don’t think we’ll be here. My grandfather is almost finished with his business at the fish-packing plant. Then we’re driving home.” The captain stared over Benny’s head at the other Aldens. “What are your brother and sisters doing

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