Eliza McCullen

Language: English

Pages: 264

ISBN: 1508953066

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An exciting international suspense thriller with plenty of romance and adventure

“A great read: it’s got action, romance, and danger.” Beth Boyd

“I couldn’t put this romantic suspense novel down. Fans of Lisa Gardner or Sandra Brown will enjoy ‘The Infinity Tattoo’.” Sarah Yorke

A romantic suspense thriller you won’t want to put down
Meg Goodwin’s best friend Alex disappeared when they were reporting the violent unrest in Honduras. But Meg thinks her dangerous life is behind her when she settles back in Sedona, Arizona. Then a mysterious bleeding man turns up in her barn, and her life will never be the same again.

In this gripping thriller, Meg must face not only drug cartels and corrupt politicians, but also an international conspiracy And if she survives, and solves the mystery of her lost friend, can she also find love?
















tug. He moaned, and she thought maybe she should try another approach. She took one of the old blankets she had brought from the house and spread it out on the ground next to him. Then she grabbed his middle and, with a great heave, rolled him onto it. He mumbled a bit, then went silent. “Right, whoever you are,” she said to him. “Let’s get you moved.” Luckily, in her landscaping business, she had handled some pretty heavy loads. And he was skin and bones. She was able to pull him back into the

country did you find the most interesting?” Meg took a sip of coffee and looked over at him. “That’s a hard question to answer. They were all interesting.” “What about your last country. Didn’t you say Honduras?” “Yes. I guess you could say it was pretty interesting. What do you know about Honduras?” “I know they have a large joint US-Honduran military base there, Soto Cano.” “That’s right. Well, they also had a coup.” “I remember something about that. It was in the news.” He knew quite a

straight up to her face as panic started to take hold. Then she heard voices just outside Jack’s door and froze. * * * Jack watched Meg drive onto the base with his heart in his throat. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt this nervous. It was a whole lot easier to do something covert than to watch someone else doing it, especially a woman. He knew that that kind of attitude would brand him a sexist, but he couldn’t help it. The previous day, he and Meg had walked through the plan

overheard part of a conversation coming from below. He recognized the padre’s scratchy voice and then heard another man’s voice. “Are you sure your visitors are gone?” “I told you, they came this morning. They stayed for an hour, then they left. Do you doubt my word?” the padre retorted. Jack smiled at the padre’s blatant fabrication. “No, no. Of course not. I wasn’t implying such a thing. May I ask what they wanted?” “They wanted what many visitors want these days. Information about a

that time with him and nothing happened.” Meg blushed beet-red. Nicky was all over her. “Start at the beginning. When did you first go to bed together?” “Nicky, I’m not going to tell you that.” “Hey, I’ve been living the life of a married woman for a very long time now. Surely you wouldn’t deny me a little vicarious thrill, would you?” “Okay, well since you asked, it happened right after I did the little spy mission at the base. I guess we were both feeling the tension.” “I’ll just bet,”

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