The Judgement Book (The TV Detective Series 4)

The Judgement Book (The TV Detective Series 4)

Simon Hall

Language: English

Pages: 332


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The new TV Detective mystery by BBC Correspondent Simon Hall, The Judgement Book is an intricate web of sleaze, suicide and blackmail.

The race is on for crime-fighting reporter Dan Groves and his detective friend Adam Breen as they are caught in a blackmailer’s web of sordid sex secrets which has already forced public figures to take their own lives…

The Judgement Book is just a pocket diary, but festering with so much sin and scandal.
First an MP, then a senior police officer, kill themselves after The Book exposes their sordid sexual secrets.

Scores more prominent people wait fearfully to see what will be revealed about the darkness of their own lives.

Crime-fighting reporter Dan Groves, and Detective Adam Breen discover they too are in The Book and are forced into a desperate race to find the blackmailers, to stop them exposing the secrets which would destroy their own futures…

Simon Hall is the BBC Crime Correspondent for the Devon and Cornwall area. Evil Valley is the second novel in his TV Detective series, following the highly successful Plymouth.


















their thoughts. A series of gasps and low whistles punctuated the silence of the room. It took something extraordinary to surprise such experienced officers, but Dan could tell from their reactions they’d never seen anything like this before. Adam waited until everyone had finished reading, then asked, ‘So, what do we make of that?’ ‘A bloody nutter,’ growled one uniformed officer at the front. ‘Perhaps,’ replied Adam, slowly. ‘Or someone coldly sane and with a grand purpose – in their eyes at

generation thought that of the anthems of the new young. Her parents had said the same to her. Claire reached across to the stereo and turned it off. ‘Alex?’ she said. ‘Alex?’ She opened the wardrobe door, then knelt down and checked under the bed. A few old board games, balls of fluff and dust, but no Alex. Claire walked over to the window. It was open, and the garden shed was just below. An easy jump. She leaned out. No sign of Alex. ‘Shit,’ she said to herself. Claire sat down on the bed,

later and was pleased at the thrill the thought brought. He was looking forward to their walk tomorrow. Him, Claire and Rutherford, atop a windy cliff, gazing down on an azure sea, with an old inn, dinner, and a few pints of ale to follow. A perfect Saturday. Adam stood waiting in the MIR, staring out of the windows, arms folded and apparently drifting in thought. A couple of uniformed officers worked away at computers, but otherwise the room was deserted. Dan noticed several new pieces of paper

aren’t all crammed together, the way they do in places more interested in making money than looking after customers.’ A middle-aged couple walked in. She headed for the bar and he the toilets. Unusual role reversal, Dan mused. He noticed the place had had a make over since he’d last been in. The stripped wooden floor shone from a polish and a couple of large pine-rimmed mirrors had been added to the walls. The big glass windows were cleaner too. A blackboard hung behind the bar with “Today’s

walked out from the kitchens and propped open the front door. It was getting hot in the bar. Dan tried, but mostly failed to blame it on the sunshine. In a place so popular with the legal profession, there was bound to be an excess of hot air. Adam rubbed a hand over the stubble on his cheek. It never took long to accumulate. Like many dark-haired men, a clean-shaven look would always be a distant dream. ‘What do you make of the Worm saying that if we solve the riddles, we find the Judgement

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