The Julian Chapter: A Wonder Story

The Julian Chapter: A Wonder Story

R. J. Palacio

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 1491524081

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Over 1 million people have listened to and loved Wonder. Now listeners will have a chance to hear from the one of the book's most controversial characters―Julian.











Dr. Jansen, standing up as well. “The board of trustees will hear about this,” said Mom. She got up, too. “I’m sure they will,” answered Dr. Jansen, crossing his arms and nodding. Mr. Tushman was the only adult still sitting down. “The point of the suspension isn’t punitive,” he said quietly. “We’re trying to help Julian, too. He can’t fully understand the ramifications of his actions if you keep trying to justify them away. We want him to feel some empathy—” “You know, I’ve heard just about

anything when he met us in the lobby. We just walked out the doors without saying goodbye—even to the security guard at the reception desk. It was weird leaving the school when everyone was still inside. I wondered what Miles and Henry would think when I didn’t come back to class. I hated that I was going to miss PE that afternoon. My parents were quiet the whole way back to the house. We live on the Upper West Side, which is about a half-hour drive from Beecher Prep, but it felt like it took

for the rest of the summer. Usually, I hated staying with Grandmère, but I was okay about it this time. I knew that after my parents went home, I could spend the entire day in my PJs playing Halo, and Grandmère wouldn’t care in the least. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. Grandmère wasn’t exactly the typical “grandma” type. No baking cookies for Grandmère. No knitting sweaters. She was, as Dad always said, something of a “character.” Even though she was in her eighties, she dressed like

didn’t know French. “Grandmère just told Dad he has a brain like a cheese sandwich,” I said. “Maman!” Dad said sternly, like someone who was about to begin a long lecture. But Mom reached out and put her hand on Dad’s arm. “Jules,” she said quietly. “I think your mom is right.” Sometimes people surprise you. Never in a million years would I have thought my mom would be the one to back down from anything, so I was completely shocked by what she had just said. I could tell Dad was, too. He

kid had a lot of scars and stuff. Like he’d been in a fire.” “I didn’t quite say that,” said Mr. Tushman, raising his eyebrows. “What I told your mom is that this boy has a severe craniofacial difference—” “Oh, right right right!” I interrupted, because now I remembered. “She did use that word. She said it was like a cleft lip or something.” Mr. Tushman scrunched up his face. “Well,” he said, lifting his shoulders and tilting his head left and right, “it’s a little more than that.” He got up

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