The Killing Forest (Louise Rick series)

The Killing Forest (Louise Rick series)

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1455581550

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sara Blaedel, author of the #1 international bestseller The Forgotten Girls--which was roundly praised as "gripping" with "uncompromising realism" (Washington Post) and "tautly suspenseful" (BookPage)--returns with the thrilling next book in her series featuring police investigator Louise Rick.

Following an extended leave, Louise Rick returns to work at the Special Search Agency, an elite unit of the National Police Department. She's assigned a case involving a fifteen-year-old who vanished a week earlier. When Louise realizes that the missing teenager is the son of a butcher from Hvalsoe, she seizes the opportunity to combine the search for the teen with her personal investigation of her boyfriend's long-ago death . . .
Louise's investigation takes her on a journey back through time. She reconnects with figures from her past, including Kim, the principal investigator at the Holbaek Police Department, her former in-laws, fanatic ancient religion believers, and her longtime close friend, journalist Camilla Lind. As she moves through the small town's cramped network of deadly connections, Louise unearths toxic truths left unspoken and dangerous secrets.





















his hands on his knees and spit on the ground. He gasped for breath as sweat ran cold under his shirt. The image of the woman’s naked body returned to him. Again, he felt an unaccustomed stir down below. He squeezed his eyes shut, but it didn’t erase the image of the thin red line of blood. He jerked up at the sound of her screams splitting the darkness. Reluctantly he stopped, turned around, and began walking back. By the time he was close enough to see the bonfire’s flames through the trees,

they needed to know before she and Eik took the dogs back to the manor house. Nymand shook his head. “But we need to talk to Frederik.” He looked over at Camilla’s husband, standing in the background with his hands in his pockets. “You might get more out of talking to his manager,” Louise said. “Tønnesen has been around for decades. Frederik has only lived here the last twenty years.” “It’s possible we’ll wait to search the area until early tomorrow,” Nymand said, as if he hadn’t heard her.

swishing through the trees. “They found the girl,” Sune finally said. “I know. That’s also why I’m asking you to come home now. You’re born into this, there’s nothing we can do about that.” “But…” The words nearly stuck in Sune’s throat. “She was murdered! The police will figure it out!” “That’s another reason why you have to get out of here. People will think you did it.” “But I didn’t!” “People will think you did.” A deep voice spoke from behind Sune. “If you don’t hold the ring and take

until they find me,” he said, crying again. “And I don’t know where to go.” Camilla stood and helped him up. “Come with us. We’ll find a way out of this. The police are going to be very happy to hear that you’re all right.” But the boy still resisted, and for a moment she feared he would run away again. “Dad might still be out here,” he said. “Then let’s wait a while,” Camilla suggested. “You could also try to call him.” She handed him her phone, but he didn’t take it. His stomach was

having AIDS. Nobody talked about it. It was like they were ashamed, but it sure as hell wasn’t her fault.” Louise knew exactly what he was talking about. Some people had panicked. They’d thought you could get the disease by kissing or drinking out of the same glass. It wasn’t hard to imagine that this locally well-known Hvalsø family had gone into denial about what the poor girl suffered from. “You may not believe Thomsen can be sensitive, but he was just totally wiped out by all this. He was

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