The Lady Agnes Mystery: Volume 1

The Lady Agnes Mystery: Volume 1

Andrea H. Japp

Language: English

Pages: 388

ISBN: 2:00358587

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

1304 The Church and the French Crown are locked in a power struggle. In the Normandy countryside, monks on a secret mission are brutally murdered and a poisoner is at large at Clairets Abbey. Young noblewoman Agn's de Souarcy fights to retain her independence but must face the Inquisition, unaware that she is the focus of an ancient quest.
















d’Amblin from Clairets Abbey was making her monthly rounds. Usually, Agnès found the jolly Extern Sister delightful. Her ready supply of stories and harmless gossip about her encounters with the wealthy burghers, merchants and farmers or even with the local nobility amused the younger woman. The nun brought her news of the outside world, its births, marriages, deaths, pregnancies and its harvests. Today, however, the good sister’s unease was palpable. They sat in the little anteroom outside

would revert to her half-brother, until her only child, Mathilde, Hugues de Souarcy’s heir, comes of age. Having said this, the property in question would hardly be enough to attract the wealthy Eudes de Larnay, even though he scatters his fortune and that of his wife to the four winds.’ Eudes de Larnay. The mere thought of his vassal’s name put Artus in a bad mood again. Eudes the rat. Beneath his bulky physique and his virile, seductive exterior he was a coward and a vile scavenger. Any man

order to blow out the candles. Their sheer number attested to their having been lit in his honour. No small luxury for such a modest household, for even if her hives produced wax, Agnès probably sold it instead of using it. After removing his surcoat, he stretched out on the bed without taking the trouble to undress or even to take off his shoes, and lay with his eyes open, staring into the darkness. Artus acknowledged his confusion. What had started as mere curiosity on his part had turned into

herself with the thought that as a woman it was more appropriate, more becoming, to take a defensive position. But vultures such as Eudes made no exceptions for women. On the contrary, women inflamed their thirst for blood because they counted on a woman’s weakness and fear to provide them with a swift and painless victory. To fight. There would be no more evasion, no more pretence. It was her turn to attack and she would show no more mercy than her enemy. The iron mine, Eudes’s mine, which

the Dame de Souarcy’s chamber for her to find. The missing recipe book showed he had discovered the nature of the code and probably already deciphered it. She must leave the manor. Agnès had sufficient reason to demand her punishment. Why did that miserable bastard always triumph? And why did Clément love her so much that he was prepared to risk Mabile’s vengeance? And Gilbert? And the others? Why? A sudden calm came over Mabile. Up until then she thought she had hated the Dame de Souarcy, but

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