The Machinic Unconscious: Essays in Schizoanalysis (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents)

The Machinic Unconscious: Essays in Schizoanalysis (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents)

Felix Guattari

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systems of coordinates.) We will distinguish: -the consistency of capitalistic abstractions (Capital, Power, Music, etc ...) as a cornerstone of signifying resonances and semantic fields, a sort of lethal level of abstract machinisms, but which does not model the universe of represenration;6 - the consistency of signs-particles that specifically defines the irreducible nuclei of the abstract machinic possible. Whichever possible is manifested by the consistency of molecular fields, this rype of

the ulterior stages of the establishment of ~other human world. New concrete operators of faciality and refrains will precisely have a function of crossing times and spaces, insides and outsides, and the subjects and objects of the capitalistic universe. They will not manufacture time and space "in general," but this time and this space lived by a particular assemblage in a particular context which is ecological, ethological, economic, social, political, etc. "Internal" deterritorializations--for

words, written words, figures, plans, equations, or intorrna1:i01_. memories? The signification of the world and the meaning of as soon as we claim to seize them outside the dominant n::u.UD~I"'ยท cies, require that we broaden the range of our semiotic recoursa. thousand machinic propositions constantly work upon each vidual, under and over their speaking heads. 11 If we have sm:.-11-: facialicy and the refrain in the components of passage of desire, it is because in some way they are specialized

definitive degree of machinic consistency ("purdy" theoretical consistency, experiential consistency, aesthetic, fantastical, etc... ). By renouncing stages and universals, transcendental ideas, structures, archetypes, key signifiers, and other "mathemes," it rhus does not set off from nothing or run blindly against the wall of rhe visible and rhe actual. By selecting at irs "convenience" vectors carrying abstraction and reality within the entire range of the possible, it continuously constructs

material and social facts in terms of genealogies, archaeological residues, and dialectical progress or in terms of decline, degeneration, and rising entropy... Time goes on toward better days or plunges blindly toward unimaginable catastrophes; unless it simply stares to vegetate indefinitely. We can bypass these dilemmas by refusing any sort of causalist or finalist extrapolation and by strictly limiting the object of research to structural relations or systemic balances. But no matter how one

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