The Mammoth Book of Gangs (Mammoth Books)

The Mammoth Book of Gangs (Mammoth Books)

James Morton

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0762444363

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A chilling look at gangs in every part of the world by an accomplished writer includes gangs such as "Ma" Barker's Boys, the Purple Gang of Detroit, and the Smaldones of Denver.











and Julian then shot him in the ankle, almost severing it. His leg had to be amputated from below the knee. As the second guard tried to escape he was shot in the back. Amazingly both survived. The following year Julian and Iheagwara admitted other robberies at Manchester Crown Court. Julian received a twenty-two-year sentence and Iheagwara two years less. After the robbery Julian had escaped to Jamaica with the help of Raymond Odoha and now he was wanted. He turned to ‘‘White Tony” Johnstone for

payments to wives and children had not always gone through. Another was that the killing was over a bundle of drugs for which Bessie was refusing to pay, telling New York State gangsters that they could sue her. Her killers could have been members of the rival Rochester organization. It is possible, too, that Rocco Perri knew it was likely to take place but was powerless to prevent it. Her funeral was in the best gangster tradition. Her casket was bronze and steel with a silver trim, and covered

conviction of Mahoney. Selik and Harry Fleisher both jumped their bail and remained at large for several years. Fleisher lived in Florida, working as a salesman, until he was arrested sunbathing on Pompano Beach in 1950. The next year, Selik, who had taken the name Green, was arrested in New York for a suspected burglary. No one was arrested for pulling the trigger or bankrolling the hit, and Hooper’s murder remains unsolved. However, the gambling investigation snowballed after Hooper’s death

was reliably thought to have taken part in the 1929 St Valentine’s Day Massacre of members of the Bugsy Moran Gang in Chicago. Apart from his comments on the Barkers’ mother, Hoover may have been right. It was in the reformatory at Hutchinson, Kansas, where he was serving a five to ten for warehouse-breaking, that Karpis met Lawrence DeVol, who would later also become a member of the gang. Then, however, DeVol was very much the senior figure, a talented safebreaker who could handle

3 April 1953 and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released in 1969 and died in the early 1980s. Émile Buisson was guillotined at the Santé prison at 6.05 on the morning of 28 February 1956 on one of the coldest mornings of the century. Like a number of other French criminals he had the legend “Cut along the dotted line” tattooed on his neck. He is said to have remarked to the executioner Monsieur de Paris, “I’m ready, Monsieur. You can go ahead. Society will be proud of you.” He was buried

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