The Mystery in Washington D.C. (Boxcar Children Mystery & Activities Specials #2)

The Mystery in Washington D.C. (Boxcar Children Mystery & Activities Specials #2)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 110

ISBN: 0807554103

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Boxcar Children take a trip to Washington, D.C, and visit the Capitol Building and the Air and Space Museum. But when things start disappearing from their hotel, and they realize they are being followed, the children know there's a mystery.















are the people who lost their travelers checks.” “Yes, but they found them, remember?” Henry pointed out. “What about Peter Marshall?” Violet said. “He acted really strange today. He was furious that I was sitting at Mrs. Parsons’ desk.” “I wonder why?” Jessie said thoughtfully. Violet shook her head. “I have no idea. He seemed upset that Mrs. Wentworth’s brooch wasn’t valuable. He said he thought those old cameos were worth a lot of money.” “He said cameo?” Henry leaned forward. “Are you

over with Jessie, Henry, and Benny. Amira was downstairs helping Mrs. Parsons, and the Aldens were gathered in the boys’ room. “Do you really think it could be Peter?” Jessie asked. “He seems so nice.” “I think it’s a possibility,” Henry said slowly. “Everyone likes him, but still … he has the perfect opportunity.” “And the thefts started a year ago,” Violet said. “Right around the time he moved in here.” “I think we should talk to Mrs. Parsons in the morning,” Henry said. And then they all

pie. Do you think you can manage all that?” Benny looked amazed. “How did you know those were my favorite foods?” Mrs. Parsons put her arm around his shoulders and steered him toward the dining room. “I raised four boys of my own, and it was just a lucky guess.” A few moments later, they were seated at a long oak dining table with a shy young girl named Amira. She had deep brown eyes and black hair. Jessie noticed that she kept her hands in her lap and stared at her plate. “Aren’t you

really busy yesterday. There were people coming and going all day long.” “Well, it’s not important,” Mrs. Parsons reassured him. “I want you to meet our new guests — the Aldens. Jessie and Violet, this is Peter Marshall, my assistant. He does everything for me.” “Mostly, I answer the phone and help out in the kitchen.” Peter shook hands with them. “Peter’s a full-time student,” Mrs. Parsons said proudly. “He’s studying to be an engineer.” “Wow — like on a train?” Benny yelled from the

called today,” Mrs. Parsons said to Amira. Amira immediately put down her knife and looked worried. “Is anything wrong?” “Why, no, of course not.” Mrs. Parsons seemed surprised. “He just wanted to make sure you’re having a good time.” “Well, I am,” Amira said slowly, “thanks to my new friends.” Everyone began talking about their visit to the Capitol, and Jessie noticed that Amira seemed happy as long as the conversation didn’t revolve around her. She never wanted to talk about herself or her

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