The Mystery of the Missing Cat (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #42)

The Mystery of the Missing Cat (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #42)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0807554065

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The children look for Spotzie the cat.















over. When I wouldn’t, he became very angry and almost threatening. I made him leave. “That same night, someone tried to break into my house. Fortunately, I have an alarm system and it scared off whoever it was. But I’m sure it was the same man.” “It could be the same man who called us, too,” said Henry. “What are you talking about?” the professor asked. “Last night, someone called us and told us to stop looking for Spotzie if we knew what was good for us. That’s what made us think she was

Benny put his cup of milk down. Sure enough, he had milk across his upper lip. Benny looked down at Watch, who had been drinking milk from his bowl on the floor beside the door. “Look,” he said, pointing. “Watch has a milk mustache, too!” CHAPTER 2 The Search Begins The next day after breakfast, the Boxcar children went to get Soo Lee. She lived with cousins Joe and Alice in an old gray shingled house on the edge of Greenfield. When Joe and Alice had decided to move to Greenfield and had

day planned for tomorrow.” “Yes,” said Benny. He smiled back at his grandfather. “What’s for dessert?” The four Aldens went out to their boxcar right after breakfast the next morning and began working on the signs about the missing cat. “I don’t know what Spotzie looks like, so I’m just drawing a cat with spots on her,” said Violet. “Someone should be able to recognize her from that.” “That’s good, Violet.” Jessie looked at her sister’s picture. “The important thing is to let people know to

reappeared. When they got to the veterinarian’s office, her assistant said, “Dr. Scott is very busy right now.” At that moment, Dr. Scott walked out to the waiting room with a girl holding a small dog with a bandage on its paw. “And make sure she stays off that paw,” Dr. Scott said. “Thank you, Dr. Scott,” said the girl. She and the dog went out. Dr. Scott saw the Aldens and greeted them. “So you have a cat now, too?” she asked, seeing the sign Violet was holding. “Oh, no,” said Violet. “The

side. “Here,” said the professor and thrust the carrier into Henry’s arms. “But what if it isn’t Spotzie?” asked Benny. The professor didn’t answer. Instead, she led them back down the hall. “Thank you for coming,” she said, and opened the front door. The Aldens all looked at one another in surprise. At last Henry said, “Thank you.” “You’re welcome,” said Professor Madison, still holding the door open. The Aldens walked out and the professor closed the door firmly behind them. “That was

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