The Phantom Freighter (The Hardy Boys, No. 26)

The Phantom Freighter (The Hardy Boys, No. 26)

Franklin W. Dixon

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0448089262

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When eccentric Thaddeus McClintock invites Frank and Joe Hardy to accompany him on a sea voyage, the teenage investigators become entangled in a web of mystery. Who is trying to block the three from securing reservation on freighter ships that carry passengers? The determined efforts of Frank and Joe lead to a hazardous game of wits with a ring of slippery smugglers and to a dramatic confrontation on the high seas. Here is an exciting, action-filled mystery that will keep the reader on edge with suspense.















craft. The moon rose, flooding the water with light. They could see to the mouth of the bay. The Hawk was not in sight. “She’s faster than I thought,” said Frank. He put his boat to the limit of her power and they came out into the open sea. Nothing but water. No moving lights indicated the presence of any ship. Frank swung the wheel. The Sleuth turned. “Giving up?” demanded McClintock. “Not entirely,” Frank replied. “We’ll go back to Bayport and find out the Hawk’s first port of call. If

grubbing through the ruins,” Frank said. “Any papers would have been burned to ashes.” “Military medals wouldn‘t,” replied his aunt. “There were a couple of old citations among the papers. I’d like to know what happened to that carton one way or another.” Since Frank and Joe had some spare time while waiting for Captain Harkness to arrange the fishing trip, they drove out to the Phillips house. Permission to search the ruins of the barn was granted, and for the next hour they poked through the

we’re beyond the city limits. Maybe there isn’t any one hundred and forty-two at all!” A short distance ahead and set quite far back from the road, they could see a large frame house, surrounded by a picket fence. A small barn stood behind it. “This might be the place,” Joe said as they neared it. Then he yelled excitedly, “Joe! Look! The barn’s on fire!” A curl of white smoke rolled out from an upper window. It was followed by a heavy black puff and a flicker of red flame. Frank drove

gasped a waitress, running forward. Joe got up to help. Then he realized this was just a ruse to get him out of the way. Instantly he ran to the lobby, where he found Frank explaining the situation to a thin eagle-eyed man. “Our friend has pretended to faint,” Joe said quickly. “Maybe we’d better let her think she’s getting away with it.” “Not around this hotel she won’t get away with it!” declared the detective. “I think we can handle it ourselves without the publicity,” Joe suggested

freighter. It was a big, modern vessel with passenger cabins that were large and airy. The ship itself was spotlessly clean and the crew moved about briskly and efficiently. “I’m a little upset,” Captain Gramwell confided to the Hardys. “Not more than an hour after we reached port I lost one of my best men. He took sick while he was in town and had to be taken to the hospital. Fortunately the man who brought the message had good references and experience, so I hired him to replace Sanderson.”

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