The Psyche in Antiquity: Early Greek Philosophy: From Thales to Plotinus

The Psyche in Antiquity: Early Greek Philosophy: From Thales to Plotinus

Edward F. Edinger

Language: English

Pages: 362

ISBN: 2:00264153

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Redeems the relevance of Greek philosophy to everyday, modern life. The purpose of this book is not to study philosophy, but rather to track the psyshe as it manifests in the archetypal ideas that so gripped the early Greeks. Dr. Edinger's unique perpective redeems the relvance of this bedrock of the Western psyche by relating the Greeks' ideas to modern psychological experience.



















Boundless, but passed away into it once more, so paying the penalty to one another for their unjust encroachments. It is here implied that there is something wrong in 50 Quoted in Barnes, Early Greek Philosophy, p. 102. 51 Ibid., p. 103. 52 Ibid., p. 115. 53Psychological Types, CW 6, par. 708, note 37. Page 37 the war of opposites, and that the existence of the opposites is a breach in the unity of the One. The truth Herakleitos proclaimed was that the world is at once one and many and that it

not from the ego, and they then are experienced as manifestations of transpersonal libido. This takes the Stoic goal of apatheia one step further than the Stoic's position, which ran into the criticism that it was promoting human insensitivity. If we look back on the Stoics in historical and psychological terms, we see that one of Stoicism's major functions was the strengthening and disciplining of the ego. Thus, it held that salvation for all the pains and sufferings of the world can be achieved

remains [in that first level of education] . . . one remains in the material, since all [such study is] based upon sensory observations, and hence [is] earthly, not heavenly. With [this kind of study] . . . the soul cannot mate in the full sense. . . . Philo brings [to this] the allegory of Abraham, who first has relations with his concubine, Hagar, [representing] the introductory studies, and produces Ishmael, the sophist or pedagogue. These must be banished when the soul rises to appropriate

about him have an almost mythical quality. Interestingly, the name Thales is close to the Greek word for sea, thalassa. Thales, who thought water was the arche, may have a name which is the Greek equivalent of "seaman." He announced that the arche was hydor, water. So one could say that Page 18 the first Western philosopher believed that the unconscious psyche is equivalent to water. It is a familiar image, akin to the understanding of water symbolism in dreams. The alchemists certainly picked

psyche/psychic, 41, 64, 67, 96, 98, 111-112, 114 Aristotle on, 65-66 collective, 18, 51 development, 26, 48 Philo on, 92 sources of modern Western, 11-13, 118 psychoanalysis, 7-9, 14, 26, 49, 56, 60-61, 80, 83, 99, 101, 104, 106. See also depth psychology; Jungian psychology psychology, 41-42, 110, 112. See also depth psychology; psychoanalysis Aristotle on, 65-66 Jungian, 36-37, 91, 95, 100, 103, 114 as philosophy, 9-10 psychotherapy. See depth psychology; Jungian psychology; psychoanalysis

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