The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47)

The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0439115213

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The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47)















assembled, packs on their backs. "You need to take the quickest path out of the valley," I explained. "The Yeerks will be coming from the south, so you can't go that way." "Who are the Yeerks?" Emily asked. I looked at Tobias. He shrugged, then nodded. "I'll tell you," I said, "but you have to promise not to tell anyone about anything you've seen or heard tonight. Secrecy is essential. For your safety and ours. For the, uh, Federation. Can we count on you?" "Absolutely," said a female adult.

are coming and coming strong. Everyone take up battle positions.> Thought-speak was still new to the campers. Emily touched her hands to her head in confusion. "No, you're not losing your mind," I said. "Morphs let us communicate telepathically. That was Tobias." I pointed up through the trees. Tobias said privately. "You people have to blend in," I said. "Bury your coats and anything else

force I had ever commanded . . . . "FIRE!" the Rebel commander yelled. Lead shot cut the frozen air. An indiscriminate wave of death. "Yahhh!" "Ahh!" "Ah-ahhhh!" Men were falling, crying, screaming. Samson was down. And Spears. "STEADY, MEN! RELOAD!" I heard the wild rattle of ramrod and hammer. "FIRE!" We shot again. The Rebels galloped on. Screams and cries met my ears as we brought the enemy to the ground. "RELOAD!" "FIRE!" The Rebels wavered, drawing back short of our trenches.

Hork-Bajir spectators. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Wait!" I yelled. "You know the Yeerks have advanced weapons. You've seen the Dracon beams. Save yourselves!" I looked at Toby. "Escape now. Live to fight another day!" No one answered. Marco strode angrily toward his parents, like he was about to give them a piece of his mind. Rachel glanced up at me with her trademark fearless look. She wanted me to reconsider. Fine, we were taking sides. The decision would come down to a vote.

black men, nor even within sight of them. They said Jacob's men were a disgrace to the Union. Perhaps. But no one can deny the progress they made. Trees covering the entire south face of Topper Hill were felled and left lying, a formidable defense when time is short. And the Negroes shaped the earthworks like seasoned engineers. Most of the men dug all afternoon, and would dig all day tomorrow. We stopped before a white clapboard house with candles flickering warmly in the windows. Fiddle

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