The Return of the Graveyard Ghost (Boxcar Children Mysteries)

The Return of the Graveyard Ghost (Boxcar Children Mysteries)

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0807569364

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One stormy afternoon, the Aldens take a shortcut through the Greenfield Cemetery and discover a strange local superstition! According to legend, it's good luck to leave presents in a certain spot in the cemetery--and bad luck to anyone who doesn't. But since there's no such thing as ghosts, there must be a reason for this weird tradition. The Boxcar Children are determined to find out what it is.












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“Feels like dinner time. My tummy needs a snack.” “You always need a snack!” Henry laughed. Jessie looked to Violet. Violet often kept quiet about things. Jessie wanted to make sure Violet got a vote before they decided to go through the graveyard. “Are you scared, Violet?” Jessie asked. “A little,” Violet admitted. “I don’t know if I believe in ghosts or not. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t…” Violet’s voice tapered off. “I suppose if everyone else wants to go that way, it’s all right.”

last seventy-four years,” Mrs. Wolfson said, still knitting. “Every year, I collected the gifts and then sold them. Every cent went to charity. I also donated any food gifts and flowers to people who really needed them.” She raised her head and looked at the children. “When I got too old, my daughter took over the job.” “I think what you’ve done is nice,” Violet said. “But taking gifts from others is stealing.” She frowned. “You’re kind of a generous thief.” “I know,” Mrs. Wolfson replied,

know,” Ms. Phuong assured her. “And we think it’s a fabulous twist! A ghost story without a ghost. We are going to show this movie in film festivals all over the country.” Vita beamed. “Will you give all the ticket sales to local hospitals?” Vita asked. “That’s an important part of the story.” “Of course!” Ms. Phuong agreed. “My first movie.” Vita was very happy. “You better get started on a second film project,” Henry told her. “I’ve been thinking I’ll make that one about the historical

“We can’t give up yet. Something is going to happen—” Just then, he saw movement near the mausoleum. Henry put the binoculars to his eyes and adjusted the focus. “What do you see?” Benny asked, sitting up straight and leaning forward. “Is it the ghost?” “Or a person?” Jessie squinted in the direction Henry was looking. Henry said, “I saw someone behind a tree. But just his or her arm—a black coat sleeve. Then it disappeared.” “A ghost,” Benny said surely. “A person,” Jessie said, also

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