Roman Mysteries Complete Collection (The Roman Mysteries)

Roman Mysteries Complete Collection (The Roman Mysteries)

Language: English

Pages: 3808


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A bumper eBook collection of all 17 Roman Mysteries adventures including The Thieves of Ostia, The Secrets of Vesuvius, The Pirates of Pompeii, The Assassins of Rome, The Dolphins of Laurentum, The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina, The Enemies of Jupiter, The Gladiators From Capua, The Colossus of Rhodes, The Fugitive From Corinth, The Sirens of Surrentum, The Charioteer of Delphi, The Slave-Girl From Jerusalem, The Beggar of Volubilis, The Scribes From Alexandria, The Prophet From Ephesus and The Man From Pomegranate Street.

Packed with action, mystery and adventure!












shore of the secret cove. Crispus was waiting for her, looking around nervously. When she reached him he bent down and spoke to her urgently. The girl was crying, but she nodded her head. Finally Crispus stood and tousled her dark hair. Then he took the girl’s hand and led her up the path. They went into the stables, and a moment later emerged on horseback, with the girl sitting in front of Crispus. Lupus hadn’t expected that. As they trotted past him, he hid behind an ancient olive tree, then

sang of a weeping willow tree and a river but Jonathan was scarcely aware of the words. He closed his eyes. Everything was strange. The sounds outside his head, the feelings inside his heart, the smells and textures of Rome. But the music carried him away from all that. He felt that if he could learn to play this strange deep lyre it would heal his pain. Or at least bring some relief. After a time the song ended, and Jonathan opened his eyes to find his uncle looking at him with raised

without even thanking Nubia, but the lion tamer stayed to express his gratitude. ‘You saved my skin,’ he said. ‘My name’s Mnason. I’m Monobaz’s owner.’ Flavia looked him up and down. He had light brown skin, dark hair slick with oil, and a neat pointed beard. ‘I’m Flavia Gemina,’ she said, ‘daughter of Marcus Flavius Geminus, sea captain. This is Jonathan, Lupus and Nubia the heroine.’ ‘Delighted to meet you all. Especially you, Nubia. May I ask how you knew to throw a cloak over his head?’

looked for a strip of lead nailed to a doorpost?’ ‘Yes,’ said Flavia. ‘Helen’s slaves have searched everywhere: all the doorposts both inside and out. All the columns and walls and trees in the garden. They even looked in the cistern.’ ‘He could have hidden it anywhere,’ said Atticus grimly. ‘Even buried it! And if he used a curse-nail we’ll never find it.’ ‘That’s why we have to go now! We’ll catch him and force him to tell us where the curse is. Did you find out anything in town?’ ‘I did.

Felix’s fur-lined boots and pushed aside his cloak. She tiptoed out of the room and back along the corridor to the atrium. As she passed through the atrium into the breezy colonnade, she saw Polla stretched out on her wicker lounge-chair, her head turned to watch the retreating backs of Justus and Annia Serena. Flavia thought quickly. If she turned and ran, Polla might see her and it would look suspicious. Better to pretend she had been coming this way. Flavia took a deep breath and began to

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