The Secret Wish List

The Secret Wish List

Preeti Shenoy

Language: English

Pages: 270

ISBN: 938261818X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At the tender age of sixteen, Diksha is a typical teenager, juggling school, boys, gossip and fun with her best friend, until one day when everything changes. An innocent teenage crush leads to a string of irreversible events that change her life forever. Eighteen years later, Diksha - who was once a happy-go-lucky and carefree personality - is now a woman with entirely opposite traits. Married to a successful professional and mother to a young boy, she is a bored housewife wearing the mask of being happily married. An unexpected incident opens up avenues for Diksha to give her life a second chance and she creates a secret wish list in the hope of fulfilling her desires. Will she be able to brave this journey while dealing with the complexity of an extramarital affair? Will she be able to succeed in the quest to rediscover herself? The Secret Wish List is the journey of a woman towards getting her happiness back into her life. It is about dreams and aspirations, and the quest to find out whether true love exists or not.



















contents of your bag. It seemed like she knew exactly where to find the notes. She read them and insisted I go with her to Mrs Rao’s room. Mrs Rao marched to the boys’ dorm and woke up Rohan. The rest you know.’ I sit on the bed with my head in my hands. I don’t want to get out. But Tanu urges me to forget it for a while and accompany her for breakfast. We also have the exhibition today. There is work to be done, we have to set up our model and prepare to explain our project to the visitors. As

me as a person. I go quiet as I contemplate. The awkward silence between us now embarrasses Vibha. ‘Hey, Diksha. I think I said too much. I know no marriage is perfect. Mine certainly isn’t. Mohan constantly complains that I do not have time for him or Monu. Look, I am really sorry to have poked my nose into your affairs. I should first set my marriage right. I haven’t done any of the things that Mohan wants us to do together as a family. It is always work and more work for me. Then I come here

down, but does not touch his food. He crosses his arm over his chest and sulks. ‘You are never there, Papa. I was chosen to display my robot. I beat all the older kids,’ he says. All his pent-up frustration at Sandeep for not spending time with him comes pouring out. I am so afraid of how Sandeep will react. I am certain that he will crush Abhay’s spirit with his harsh words. Sandeep is quite insensitive that way. ‘Abhay, it is okay, sweetie. We will video-tape the whole thing and send it to

he travels to all of these places. I sometimes still cannot believe that this is indeed happening to me. Ankit and I, after the first two meetings, have become almost inseparable. I message him using the Instant Messenger App on my iPhone, and send him photographs of me or Abhay when we aren’t on the phone with each other. There is such a lot I want to share with him. I still say nothing about Ankit to either Tanu or Vibha. I know that I will have to tell them at some point, but for now I hug

wonder how much his little nine-year-old brain has assimilated. I wonder just how much he knows. I feel touched and surprised that my son has somehow intuited that this is war, with Ankit and me on one side and the rest on the other. He has chosen sides and is trying to assure me in his own way that things are going to be okay. ‘I like him too. But let us not talk about it now, okay?’ I tell him. ‘Do you promise to tell me what happened in detail later?’ he asks. ‘Have I ever hidden anything

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