The Spirit Guide

The Spirit Guide

B. T. Coll

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: 1494315173

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I am your spirit guide. Do not be afraid of me. I am here to help alleviate your worries; to take away your pain; to guide you into the light. I am not a villain or an enemy. I do not cause your death and mean you no harm. I am a friend trust in me. I am your spirit guide.













flowers on your beside cabinet and I think maybe you have outlived everyone in your life. It won’t be long now Frank, I am waiting for you. “You a doctor then?” a feeble voice asks from the next bed. I turn my head and look at the frail old man and smile. “No.” I say. “You’re here for old Frank. Aren’t you?” you ask. “I’m here to help him.” I answer. I’m not surprised really that he can see me. Sometimes the living can see me but truth be told the old man was half living and half dying. “93

sleep without all this commotion which is so often useless. Yes lives can be saved but those lives are meant to be saved. Death in your case is inevitable and those around you should realise that and let you go peacefully. At last it ends. “I’m sorry Mr and Mrs Carmichael baby Joseph has left us. We did everything we could but we couldn’t save him.” the doctor tells your parents. Your mother screams. It is such a heartfelt scream that sends shivers down my spine. Sometimes, on days like this, I

hate my ‘work’. Your mother falls to her knees weeping and your father tries to comfort her but there is no amount of comfort in the world that can ease the broken heart of a mother whose child has just died. Your mother is helped to a chair and your body is placed on her lap. My heart is breaking as I watch her kissing you for the last time. Your father strokes your face and weeps. Suddenly a light covers your body and I know it is time when I see you stir. I reach out and lift you up and hold

Michael. I am waiting for you. I step closer to you and look at your ashen face and notice the dark circles around your eyes. Your lips have a blue tinge and to tell you the truth, you look as if you are already dead. Your life is hanging on by a thread Michael. You don’t have long now so I stay with you. I believe your wife when she tells the consultant that you are a stubborn man, I can see it in your face. “John and Linda are coming up from London Michael. They shouldn’t be too long, my

to take you away? I have questions too but I cannot get the answers. You see Thomas there is no- one here to help me. I am on my own doing the best I can to help you all, when you need help the most. “Thomas you have to hurry and say your goodbyes. I have to guide you to the light and there is not much time.” I tell you and I see you shaking your head. “It’s too soon. I can’t go now. Not yet.” you tell me but I insist, “Say goodbye Thomas.” “Who the hell are you? What is the light?” you ask but

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