The Summer Camp Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #82)

The Summer Camp Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #82)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0807554790

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Boxcar Children are going to summer camp and are looking forward to a week of new friends, exciting activities, and, most of all, the annual camp Olympics. As soon as camp begins, everything begins to go wrong for the Aldens.

















had. “It’s no use. I know I didn’t bring those flags here.” He felt sick inside. He didn’t want to let down the whole camp. All he wanted was to set his eyes on those two flags. He wanted to listen to the hush that would come over the campers as he raised the flags to begin the day. He turned back toward Evergreen Lodge. His legs felt like wooden blocks. As he ran back, he had a new dark thought: The Dolphins are probably going to have a trillion points taken away from them because I lost those

scream. You and Rich didn’t change that, did you, Ginny?” “Not really,” Ginny answered. “Even when I worked at the camp when I was your age, we had pranks about the monster of Camp Seagull. But not on the first couple of nights. We weren’t supposed to scare the new campers until after they were settled in.” “We weren’t scared!” the Dolphin girls of Cedar Cabin cried. “But I am. Some of you are very scary!” Ginny said, looking around at the sharks, stingrays, and space aliens. “I really don’t

of his whale outfit. “Let’s hear it for the Dolphins!” Rich said. “Let’s hear it for whales, too!” Benny said. About the Author GERTRUDE CHANDLER WARNER discovered when she was teaching that many readers who like an exciting story could find no books that were both easy and fun to read. She decided to try to meet this need, and her first book, The Boxcar Children, quickly proved she had succeeded. Miss Warner drew on her own experiences to write the mystery. As a child she spent hours

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going north. “Off we go, children!” “Good-bye, Greenfield,” Violet said. “See you next week.” By the time Mr. Alden drove into northern Maine, the gas tank was nearly empty. As for the picnic basket Mrs. McGregor had sent along, that was nearly empty, too. And so was Benny’s trail mix bag. Mr. Alden shifted in his seat. He’d been driving a long time. “We’re practically there, children. Now that we’re off the main highway, let’s look for road signs. There’s some fog rolling in. I don’t want to

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