The Suspect (Signet Novel)

The Suspect (Signet Novel)

John Lescroart

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0451222768

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Carelessly confident that the cops will recognize his innocence when his wife is found murdered, Stuart Gorman tells them everything-and becomes not only the number-one suspect, but number-one with a bullet. He reluctantly hires lawyer Gina Roake. Back in the game after a personal loss of her own, Gina knows all too well that innocence is no guarantee of justice...





















parked at almost the precise spot where Wyatt Hunt and Gina Roake had turned around during their jog that morning, in one of the parking spaces where Beach Street dead-ended beyond the Maritime Museum at Aquatic Park. Although in theory a two-hour parking limit applied, in practice it was a good place to lay low, since very few cops ever ventured down the foreshortened street, and even the meter maids typically avoided the tight turnaround at the end, preferring to shoot up Polk Street for easier

Toynbee leaned over from the bench and addressed him directly. “We’re going to need a yes or no, out loud, Inspector.” “All right, sorry, Your Honor.” Juhle brought himself back to Gina. It still took him another few seconds until he finally mumbled it out, just audibly. “Yes. But you and I both know, Counselor, that a lawyer is supposed to surrender a wanted client immediately. And just because I told you I’d be around if your client decided to come in later didn’t for a second mean that I was

figured out a way to ask without giving herself away. Jedd was directly behind the car now, coming around. There was no light in the car, but when Conley had opened his door, Gina had seen the three buttons up by the rearview mirror. Now she reached up, found and pressed the first one, on her far left. “Okay,” she said. “Open up.” Her eyes were glued to the garage door. But it didn’t move. The second button. She pushed and held it for a long three-count. “Please please please.” Nothing. No

All of the men had their holsters unbuttoned, ready for action. Stopping at the door, Juhle listened for a minute and heard the low hum of a television that also cast its flickering glow on the window blinds. He figured he had enough adrenaline flowing now to pull a locomotive uphill, and tried to gather himself to get control over his emotions and excitement, but it was a losing battle. For one last time, he considered other options, such as having one of his backup people call the room. Or

wanted more than anything else in her career, more than anything in her life, in fact, since she’d prayed for David Freeman not to die. Stuart’s question itself didn’t surprise her; she had expected something like it or stronger, an actual dismissal, for some days now. But if he was going to give her a chance to talk herself back into his trust, and the question implied that he hadn’t made up his mind definitely to fire her, she was going to take it. “First,” she began, “I admit I screwed up

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