The Tantric Principle

The Tantric Principle

Jennifer Probst

Language: English

Pages: 85


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Arianna Devlin is a high powered advertising executive with ambition and too much stress. Desperate for balance, she enrolls in a yoga school to teach her certain lessons. Breathe. Stay calm. Be in the moment. And ignore her sexy yoga teacher who is becoming a major distraction…

Grant Madison runs a yoga school and lives by one code: don’t get involved with the students. But when Arianna walks into his studio, his resolve begins to crumble. He offers her a deal: a secret affair while in the studio, and the practice of tantric sex in the bedroom…

But when lust turns into love, Arianna and Grant are forced to make a difficult choice. Can Arianna reject the career opportunity of a lifetime for the possibility of love? Can Grant ignore his past and take a chance on the future?

To My Reader:
I have always been a sucker for a good love story. Let’s begin with a modern day warrior working her way up the corporate ladder. She’s smart, sexy and knows what she wants. Enter a man who bases his life upon his yoga practices, where control is released in the yoga studio, but tightly commanded in the bedroom and his personal life. Completely different, they embark on a secret affair. Lust turns to love, but choices must be made. Does she give up her entire career for the possibility of love? Does he let go of his past and take a chance by releasing his control on a woman who may leave? Let’s find out. I loved writing the Tantric Principle and hope you enjoy it!

















didn’t expect her to re-arrange her schedule. He seemed to admire who she was, and what she'd accomplished without assuming she’d change for a relationship. Arianna snaked her fingers through his and pulled him down to the carpet. She hiked up her skirt and kicked off her heels, settling herself comfortably on the floor. “Eat with me. I need a break.” He sat cross legged beside her and emptied the basket. “So, tell me exactly what you do,” he said. “I hear advertising and I think about the

as recognition grabbed and shook hard. He wouldn’t let her love him. The simplicity struck and left her breathless. From the moment they met, Grant controlled both the classroom and the bedroom. She felt as if he let her see a hidden part of him in their intimacy, but now she realized he’d never let himself lose control. He rarely came inside of her. He never exploded in orgasm without planning her pleasure first. He used tantra to stay in power. With great sex and love, came great

the velvet rope. Then reached for his hand. Her fingers fluttered through his like a delicate tease, and he heard the definitive click of the cuffs as one wrist was securely fastened. Grant shook his head in an effort to clear it. Was this some sort of mirage or dream? How much vodka had he drunk? The thought disappeared as the reality of her scent and feel of her skin slid around him. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Seducing you.” Her words shot through his brain like an immediate

Arianna,” he coaxed. “Come for me the first time while I watch what I do to you.” Almost punishing her for holding back, he slipped one finger gently inside her and rubbed, harder, and harder, faster until— “Grant! Oh, God!” She came hard, her hips arching up against his hand as the shimmers sliced through her in an agony of pleasure. Slowly, she floated down, her legs relaxing against his fingers, her wetness trickling down her thigh. He laughed in satisfaction and then rolled on top of her,

day, but the upcoming week symbolized hell. The launching of an account took months of planning for a creative team, and her schedule would be pretty tight. She wondered if Grant wanted to keep seeing her when they returned home. The stray thought nagged at her. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had confused her. Usually, she knew exactly what type of relationship she was getting into and easily controlled them. Arianna enjoyed being the dominant partner, and men usually had no problem

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