The Test (Animorphs, No. 43)

The Test (Animorphs, No. 43)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0439115175

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Taylor, Tobias' arch-nemesis and the Yeerk that once infested his mind, holding him, his memories, his every thought and feeling hostage,has kidnapped him once again. Only this time, she's going to let him go-after he's listened to her proposition...Taylor is now part of the Yeerk peace faction and tells the Animorphs of a plan to eliminate the Visser and the Yeerk pool, a plan which only the Animorphs can carry out. This would be a major victory in their war against the Yeerks, but it also means morphing to the creature with the most uncontrollable instincts-the Taxxon. Can Tobias prevent the morph from turning him against his friends...?













doing. The sewer cap was in a cul-de-sac, on the side of a gravel road that hadn't been paved. The concrete curbs were in place and the gravel was carefully compacted a few inches below, ready for a layer of asphalt. It had been this way for a while. The site was supposed to be a new industrial park. But local residents didn't want the noise and the traffic, so construction had been temporarily stopped, leaving sewers and electricity, but little else. "Your left talon's bleeding," Rachel said.

. . .> Why was I making excuses for her? Why? I couldn't make any more. She wasn't my friend. She wasn't my kind. We'd made a deal with the devil and the devil had just shown herself for what she was. I said. Chapter 17 I reminded him.

Straight for the tunnel! Taylor blew right past me, propelled by the gas, a swirl of blond hair and pink flesh. And she was laughing. Chapter 22 FweeeeWOOOOOOOOSH! The force of a fire hose. A hurricane. We were shoved down the tunnel at breakneck speed. We slapped the sides. Slipped on slime. Gasped for air. We were absolutely powerless! Dirt scratched my tender eyes, blinded me. Bammm! I slammed the dirt wall. It knocked the wind out of me so I couldn't breathe,

bat an eye. BLAAAAM! Four more humans coming up from behind! Slamming the Hork-Bajir before they knew what hit them. I didn't know who to root for. Hork-Bajir or human? Visser Three or . . . who? Who were these people? A long, sharp, Hork-Bajir blade caught my cage and lifted it. He ran swiftly toward the exit. This guy could move! Smashed over a stainless steel medical cart. Crashed into empty cages stacked against the wall. Blocked! Three more people! Large ones, dressed in dark leather,

I could only hope she didn't remember. I stretched out my talon. I gripped the fleshy fingers of her real hand. Then I closed my eyes, shut my ears, shut it all out. The animal screams, the grunts, the human shouts. The horror of reliving a nightmare. Acquire her. Acquire her. Become her. A nauseating idea. Necessary. I clutched her fingers tighter. To Taylor, it must have seemed like a pitiful attempt to fight back, but she didn't know the truth. She didn't know that I felt her DNA flow into

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