The Third Bullet (Bob Lee Swagger)

The Third Bullet (Bob Lee Swagger)

Stephen Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 1451640226

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Former marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger investigates one of the most enduring controversies of our time—the JFK assassination—in this New York Times bestselling “terrific thriller” (Booklist, starred review).

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author STEPHEN HUNTER takes on one of the most shocking crimes in American history when his celebrated hero ex-Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger follows the smallest hint of a lead to its staggering conclusion—about the fateful third bullet that ended the life of President John F. Kennedy. . . .



















You won’t get lost in the dark? I worry about you being arrested, going the wrong way home, and singing like a canary.” “I will die before talking, Comrade,” he said fiercely. “You can count on my love of socialism and the working fellow to get me through any ordeal the fascists have in mind!” “Well said,” I replied. “That’s the kind of spirit we need.” There was nothing particularly memorable about the discussion. He had a kind of morose personality and didn’t seem agitated about what lay

anticipation. On the fourth meet, I felt that Richard was confident enough to work the Adams angle and authorized him to do so. He reported that Swagger reacted with indignity, even anger, but in the end seemed to warm to the idea of a collaboration. His final instructions: “Hold off a bit. Let me look into this guy. I’m not a writer, I’m an engineer. Maybe he could help me, I could help him. But goddammit, don’t tell him no more about me!” He checked into Marty through the auspices of the FBI.

could see that it was a one-on-one ratio. “Got any backlighting?” he asked. “Yeah, I have a light table over there. I use it to go over contact sheets for the picture books.” Marty led them to the light table, a large metal frame supporting a square sheet of white-frosted glass. He turned a switch, and the fluorescent bulb inside blinked to life. Marty laid the X-ray out, and it displayed the case’s contents in perfect outline, everything recognizable. The incomparably graceful Monte Carlo

understand the military realities of the Italian army in 1891, when the round was adopted as the standard infantry cartridge, during the general European upgrade of that era from single-shot muskets to magazine-fed bolt actions, such as the Mauser K98, the French Lebel, the British Enfield, and eventually, the American Springfield. Who was the Italian general staff planning to fight, and in what environment? The Italians have never been expansionist, and Mussolini was thirty years down the pike.

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