Things I Shouldn't Think

Things I Shouldn't Think

Janet Ruth Young

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1442451076

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An unnerving novel about a seventeen-year-old girl who suffers from a form of OCD that makes her think dark, disturbing thoughts.

Seventeen year-old Dani Solomon is not a violent person, but she has violent thoughts. Cruel thoughts. Harmful thoughts. Dangerous thoughts. She thinks about calling her gay best friend a freak. She thinks about knocking her mother off a ladder.
She thinks about killing Alex, the child she babysits.
To protect Alex from herself, Dani tells his mother. And it doesn’t take long for the story to leak, for Dani to be persecuted and ostracized from her community and peers for a crime she hasn’t even committed.
Janet Ruth Young writes convincingly about mental illness. Dani’s disorder is based on a real form of OCD and her treatment incorporates actual psychiatric methods, making Things I Shouldn’t Think (formerly published as The Babysitter Murders) an authentic read that is impossible to put down.




















one.” She considers telling Gordy about the time Alex used all his game points to buy Louie a Jacuzzi and then it turned out he didn’t know what a Jacuzzi was. But although little kids say and do funny things, when you repeat them or act them out they don’t seem as funny. She wishes Gordy hadn’t mentioned Alex. Because she’s picturing Alex’s body in the Alexes’ driveway after someone, it must have been Dani, backed the car over him. What does a little kid’s body look like after it’s been run

Bear vitamins, and major chords has been shoved up their butts. But getting back to Dani. She has a long, tall tennis build—square shoulders from walloping those serves, no hips, and in between a stretched-out triangle. The only thing that saves Dani from seeming like a rich bitch is that everything touching her seems like it’s been hung in the sun on a really bright day. Her clothes look brighter and whiter than anyone else’s, like the outfit she has on now, a pink hoodie over a white ribbed

had back in Pennsylvania, where she lived until two years ago. “Sam and I met in a coffeehouse,” she says. “He’s a really great singer/songwriter and he wrote some songs for me. He sent me one recently, as a matter of fact.” “Cool. How come you guys broke up?” Shelley asks. “Because I moved here.” Maybe Meghan is using the old boyfriend as a cover, as a beard. Shelley has referred to boys as boyfriends too, but those boys never meant anything. Shelley wishes Dani were here to hear, study, and

home practices Dani will do without Alex. Then it’s time to go. Dani takes one final look at the view of Commonwealth Avenue. She feels like her world has gotten bigger here. 131 Beth is fixated on returning to town in the North Shore Landscaping truck. She tells Dani she’s pleased that leaving her own car at the house made people believe she and Dani were farther away than they were. Sean double-parks at the hotel and comes to find them in the lobby. At first he walks right past Dani.

Patrick. Dani thinks of Alex’s version as Tarzan Daddy. What can she do with Alex for the next eight hours to compensate for his losing his adventurous father? And will there be anything for her to eat when she gives Alex his supper? Mrs. Alex keeps promising she’ll stock up on food for Dani, but she usually forgets. Often there’s been nothing for Alex, either, and Dani walks him the six blocks to McDonald’s. Mrs. Alex jingles her keys. “Nothing really new. He still has a slight ear infection.

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