This Book Will Save Your Life

This Book Will Save Your Life

A. M. Homes

Language: English

Pages: 372

ISBN: 0143038745

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since her debut in 1989, A. M. Homes has been among the boldest and most original voices of her generation, acclaimed for the psychological accuracy and unnerving emotional intensity of her storytelling. Her ability to explore how extraordinary the ordinary can be is at the heart of her touching and funny new novel, her first in six years. This Book Will Save Your Life is a vivid, uplifting, and revealing story about compassion, transformation, and what can happen if you are willing to lose yourself and open up to the world around you.











her—sweating profusely.” “I was born during a heat wave, broke all the records, it’s never been as hot.” “Who told you that? I don’t remember the heat.” “Your brother—Uncle Ted. He gave me the New York Times from the day I was born. Record heat, stopped everything on the East Coast; there was almost a blackout in New York.” “Well, I don’t want to keep you.” “You’re not going to die, are you?” “No, not now, not today.” H is breakfast is waiting. The newspapers are laid out on the table the way

Twentytwo varieties of orange juice? There is a crying woman in the produce section, distracting him from his reverie. He sees her between the lettuce and tomatoes. He watches, wondering if it is just a problem with the onions, an allergy of sorts, or if she is really weeping. She t h i s b o o k w i l l s av e yo u r l i f e 55 blots her eyes and sniffles as she’s putting cucumbers and pep­ pers into her cart. He intersects her at the carrots. “Are you OK?” “Don’t talk to me,” she says, not

something to read, something that would inspire me, and when I came out this woman ran me down.” “Are you in the hospital again?” “No, I’m home. I iced it, and then, this morning, there was a horse in a hole right outside my house. So I went up the t h i s b o o k w i l l s av e yo u r l i f e 85 street to Tad Ford’s house and knocked on his door, and he came out, got in his helicopter, and plucked the horse right out of the hole. I’m not telling it exactly right, but that’s basi­ cally the

is reminded that these things are not as easy as one hoped they would be. The man smells. Anhil is giving Richard a dirty look. “What do you want?” Richard asks. “What are you hun­ gry for?” “Whatever you want.” “I want you to have what you want. Order whatever you like.” “Don’t tease me,” the man says. “I’ll take whatever you’re giving.” Anhil gives the man a donut, on a plain white plate. “Coffee, tea, orange juice, milk?” Richard asks. “That sounds good.” “All of them?” Anhil wants to know.

supplements.” “Seaweed? A little bit of protein?” “I’m not a good example. This is all I do—my life is about my food.” At the moment, he’s starving. His regular breakfast is on the table in front of him. “I put some dried organic berries on top,” Sylvia says, “and I think you need a little of this.” She pulls a plastic bag from her pocket, opens it, and sprin­ kles some sort of powder onto his cereal. “What is it, fairy dust?” “Flax. I buy flax seed and grind it.” He begins to eat. Sylvia watches

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