Tishomingo Blues

Tishomingo Blues

Elmore Leonard

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0062009397

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Leonard delivers a certifiable masterpiece of such twisted ingenuity that he transcends even his own bad self….Tishomingo Blues is that good.”

Baltimore Sun


Crime fiction Grand Master Elmore Leonard heads to the Deep South for a bracing dose of Tishomingo Blues—a wild, Leonard-esque ride featuring gamblers, mobsters, murderers, high divers, and Civil War re-enactors that the New York Times Book Review calls, “Leonard’s best work since Get Shorty.” Sparkling with trademark “Dutch” Leonard dialogue so sharp it could cut you, Tishomingo Blues is classic mystery, mayhem, and gritty noir fun from “the coolest, hottest thriller writer in America” (Chicago Tribune).














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"You came here," Dennis said, "knowing about the reenactment." "Yes, I did." "Planning to take part in it. And studied up on the Civil War." "I already had. I did look up Brice's Cross Roads." "Learned enough to sound like an expert." "The key to being a good salesman." "What're you selling?" "Myself, man, myself." "You never mentioned the reenactment before." "You never asked was I interested." "What's a farb?" "Man that isn't hardcore about it. Wears a T-shirt under his polyester

it's major work when they have to pull the head off the engine." Darwin didn't ask what was wrong with it. All he said was, "So the life of a daredevil isn't all cute girls and getting laid." Sounding like a nice guy while putting you in your place, looking down at what you did for a living. Dennis had never said anything about getting laid. What he should do, ask Billy Darwin if he'd like to climb the ladder. See if he had the nerve to look down from up there. 2

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