Elmore Leonard

Language: English

Pages: 245

ISBN: 0877959056

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Another crime classic by the bestselling author of Be Cool and Cuba Libre.

Charlie Lawson has the Touch. A former Franciscan monk kicked out of the Order for faith-healing too many of the afflicted, now he finds it hard to be a saint in the city, as his gift attracts a slew of cash-hungry hucksters and a beautiful baton-twirler who wants him to lay his hands on her. This Quill edition features an introduction that appeared only in the hardcover edition, in which Leonard discusses the novel's unusual subject, noting, "I had a good time writing Touch, imagining mystical things happening to an ordinary person in a contemporary setting." Treating a theme that has found new timeliness, Touch is perhaps Leonard's most moving, erotic love story; yet its violent and unexpected climax is pure, suspenseful Leonard.


















sent a writer by the name of Kathy Worthington, twenty-nine—eight years on murders, drug busts, city politics, fish with mercury and milk laced with PBB—to cover the Saint John Bosco dedication. She didn’t ask why; she had covered August Murray activities before and knew something at least worthy of page 3, local news, could happen. The paper had not assigned a photographer—they had several shots of August Murray on file, both wild-eyed and composed—and Kathy didn’t see anyone from the News or

it. I talked to his mom,” Bill Hill said, “a lovely woman name of Antoinette . . . divorced, working hard to raise her boy and get him his treatments—” “What’s she do?” Howard Hart asked. Bill Hill had him and knew it. He sat back, looking across the expensive desk at the man’s $49.95 hairpiece and said, “Would you believe it? His mom’s a topless go-go dancer.” Howard Hart reached over, flicked a button on his intercom and told his girl to hold the calls. Work, work, work. But damn, he

something was different. He was a different person.” “August?” Antoinette said. “I talked to him last week, here. He seemed different, I know what you mean. Other people wouldn’t know it; but Christ, they saw him waving his broken arms, his healed arms.” “But they listened to Howard,” Bill Hill said, “almost another hour. You heard it.” “I couldn’t believe it,” Antoinette said. “That’s what I’m saying, they were looking at it, all the TV viewers, but what did they see? What, we come to find

been looked at as if there is humor in them. And also the fact that when you bring a 350-page manuscript down to 120 pages, in my books a lot of the good stuff is gone. It disappears. Because then you’re more interested in plot than you are in, say, character development. Amis:People say that movies will be the nemesis of the novel. But I think that’s a crisis that’s already been survived. I think the novel is more threatened from the Internet than from movies. I feel the movies are still an

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