Visser (Animorphs)

Visser (Animorphs)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0439087643

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He's the source of incredible destruction and evil throughout the galaxy. She's the leader of the Yeerk invasion of Earth...and Marco's Mother. This is their story.


















motor control on both sides. It was then that I knew I was seeing something new. This brain worked by dialectic. Each half of the brain saw and heard and smelled and touched a slightly different world. Each tended toward specialization, but not a hard, fast split. The left half had more language, but not all the language. The right side had more spatial perception, but not all of the spatial perception. Confusion! Disorder! Illogic! This mind could argue with itself. This mind could see the

continued my exploration of the human. I understood his senses, now: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. I understood his motor functions. (Wonderful hands!) I understood his language. And with this came the inevitable awareness of the human mind cowering down in a far corner of the brain, crying, blustering, threatening, begging, and praying to what this human called "Allah." Now I was busy poring through rich, voluminous memories. Memories of family life: The creature had a wife, a sort of

weak and feckless creatures like herself. But I tired of that. What I needed was to understand humans. To be able to assess their weaknesses on a larger scale. I needed to know for certain: Were humans Class Five or Class Four? Could we take them?" All that sounded sensible. Logical. Reasonable. I tried to calm my hammering human heart. Tried not to focus on the fact that Visser Three had caught me entirely by surprise. And what else might he know? How many other witnesses might he call

you now." "What are you babbling about?" "I've just fed. I'll last three days. I'll release Hildy at that point. He'll be safe with the children by then." "You think you're leaving?" I cried. "Yes, Allison. I -" "I am Sub-Visser Four-hundred-nine, not 'Allison'!" I roared. "Yes, Sub-Visser," Essam said. "But I am no longer a member of the Empire. I have chosen death over a continuation of this despicable mission." Chapter 25 I could not believe my ears, Council members. I was shocked.

construction of this very facility: the first great Yeerk pool on planet Earth. "Finally, when I judged the time was right, I eliminated Lore David Altman. Humans will tear down a living leader but revere a dead one. I left behind sufficient writings . . . vague nostrums, platitudes, absurdities, prophecies, the sorts of transparent nonsense that humans pore over so endlessly. "The time was right for me to change hosts. I found this body. I took it. And I continued running The Sharing from

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