Voices Carry

Voices Carry

Mariah Stewart

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0671785915

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FBI agent Genna Snow's successful career cannot fully erase the heartache of a shattered childhood. After breaking the silence surrounding the abusive acts of a summer camp counselor, young Genna was abandoned by her family even as justice was being served in the courtroom. Years later, Genna was forced to relive the pain of abandonment when the man she loved, special agent John Mancini, walked out of her life without explanation.
Now, having returned from his own private hell, John is determined to win Genna back. Even as she struggles to keep their relationship strictly professional, Genna is selected for a special FBI team led by John, charged with tracking down the person behind a series of seemingly random abductions of young women across the country. But as a terrifying pattern begins to emerge, Genna faces the chilling realization that someone else from her past may be on the way back into her life -- and that she stands in danger of losing more than just her heart.
Featuring two fascinating characters from her acclaimed bestseller Brown-Eyed Girl, Mariah Stewart delivers a page-turner of passion and suspense.


















everyone feel that they are the most important person in the world. Chrissie’s never had anyone treat her that way. It’s time she did.” Genna poured sugar substitute from a pink packet into her iced tea. “On the other hand, yeah, sure, I’d rather be sailing, as they say. I’d like to be there to be part of whatever it is they are doing.” She sipped at her tea. “Especially since Patsy’s birthday is next week.” “Well, maybe you can slip away for a night,” John told her. “We’ll be doing a lot of

Homer—alone—those doubts were swept aside when the front door opened and Genna marched down the walk, her old energy clearly evident in her step. “Thank you,” he whispered softly to the heavens, grateful that whatever had transpired had apparently lightened, not added to, the burden she carried in her soul. As she drew closer to the car, he leaned over to open the door for her. “I take it that your chat went well.” “Better than well,” she told him as she climbed into the car. “Then he knew

van, yes, ma’am,” the middle-aged salesman who introduced himself as Lou Banning told Genna nervously, glancing at the pocket where she’d placed her badge and wondering, no doubt, where her gun was stashed. “Paid cash on the spot.” “What can you tell us about the van?” she asked. “It was dark blue. Windows on one side panel, windows on the back doors. Only had about thirteen thousand miles on it.” “Were the windows tinted?” John pretended to be checking out the merits of a new SUV. “Yes,

Wrapped in a white terry cloth robe, her bald head shiny from the shower, Nancy stood in the doorway, her face a study in stone. “Yes. And oh, Nancy, I’m so very sorry.” Patsy clasped her hands in front of her. “But I wish you had told me.” “Told you?” Nancy raised an eyebrow. “My sister Connie was a victim of this terrible disease almost ten years ago. I know what chemotherapy can do to a body.” Patsy’s eyes filled with tears. “Now, if there is anything I can do for you, will you let me know?

just different now.” “Different how?” “I don’t know how to explain it, except to say that somehow, it feels like someone else’s nightmare now.” While John was pondering what someone else’s nightmare might be like, she pulled to the shoulder of the road and slowly stopped the car. “It’s back there,” she told him as she rolled her window all the way down and pointed across the road. “Down that dirt road. It’s hard to see it, of course, because it’s so overgrown, but there’s one lane there. It

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