What Dies in Summer

What Dies in Summer

Tom Wright

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0393064026

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A riveting Southern Gothic coming-of-age debut by major new talent.

“I did what I did, and that’s on me.” From that tantalizing first sentence, Tom Wright sweeps us up in a tale of lost innocence. Jim has a touch of the Sight. It’s nothing too spooky and generally useless, at least until the summer his cousin L.A. moves in with him and their grandmother. When Jim and L.A. discover the body of a girl, brutally raped and murdered in a field, an investigation begins that will put both their lives in danger. In the spirit of The Lovely Bones and The Little Friend, What Dies in Summer is a novel that casts its spell on the very first page and leaves an indelible mark.












way or another with the fact that he was a musician. That and him being drunk most of the time. “How’s it shakin’, Hube?” he said. Hubert had known Cam a couple of years, actually a little longer than he’d known me. They’d riffed together a few times with the other two guys that Cam referred to as his band, the Nitecrawlers. “Good, doin’ good, Cam,” said Hubert, putting up the file and popping his hands on his legs like a bongo player. “You workin’?” “Fixin’ to start a regular Friday and

do.” “But that isn’t what you believe.” “I’m not sure. I don’t think I know enough to have beliefs.” “Ah, there you have put your finger on it, dear boy. Never accept that you must believe in order that you may know.” She looked at me for a long while. “Do you mind if I take this off?” she said, touching the purple scarf that covered her head. “No ma’am.” She unwound the scarf and laid it on the nightstand. Her head was smooth as an egg. “Are you offended?” “No ma’am,” I said truthfully.

times and howled, and a few seconds later a dozen more chimed in. We walked along the shoulder of the road for a while, listening to the crunch of our steps in the gravel. I could smell the wild cherry Life Saver Diana was sucking on. “How about if we went over into that field?” she said. On the other side of a barbed-wire fence we could make out the slope of a pasture and a few trees blacking out the stars along the skyline. “You okay for the fence?” “Sure.” She did a quick skip and hop in

number, vehicle description, anything—that too much to ask?” “Been me out there with my fly open, there’da been twenty-four registered bird-watchers on hand to call it in,” said Vern. “Somebody ought to send around a master list of these kind of calls,” said Will. “Probably happens all the time, couple cases look just alike except they fell in different jurisdictions and nobody’s the wiser.” “Yeah, maybe have some kind of permanent network,” said Don. “Not sure exactly how you’d work it but

I’ve been thinking it’d be good for us to do something like that on our own, even if it’s just the metro area. I’ve got a feeling this won’t be the last time we need it.” He scratched his stomach and stared off into space, thinking. If he had focused his eyes a little to the left, through the kitchen archway and across the living room to the top of the darkened stairs, he probably could have seen me there watching and listening, L.A. and Diana right behind me. We’d been up here when the men came

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